Why Us

RR India has a very knowledgeable and talented staff. RR India provides complete attention to its clients projects. RR India has a team of thoroughly skilled and experienced professionals and they are ready to guesstimate the most accurate, precise and expedient level of operating cost.

We at RR India believes that clients satisfaction is not sufficient to compete in this growing and demanding business environment , instead we RR India always make an effort to delight the clients in place of mere satisfaction .

RR India has a certain ground rules which exhibits its continuous success and prosperity. Backed by strong quality processes and rich experience in managing clients across various business verticals.

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Our Services

Facility Manager/Chief Engineer/Shift Engineer/TechnicalSupervisor/Multi Skill Technician/Electrician/DG Operator/Lift &Escalator operator/Plumber/Water Treatment Plants/Boilers technician/Painter/Carpenter.

Power Generation Distribution and Control. Operation & Maintenance of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Operation & Maintenance of utilities and other electro mechanical equipments, switchgears & controls etc Water Supply and its distributions by maintaining all quality parameters. Water Softening System. Intelligent / Semi addressable and Conventional Fire Detection System Fire Fighting installation comprehensive maintenance. Operation of Elevators and Escalators and regular audit of safeties.

Fireman/Chief Security Officer/Security Officers/ Security Supervisor /Head Guards / PSO/ Bouncers/Gunman/ security guards/Lady Guards.

Physical Guarding/ Fire Fighting/ Building Evacuation Drill / Electronic Access Control/CCTV Monitoring/ Use of HHMD and DFMD.

Scrubbing /Vacuuming/ Glass Cleaning/Chair / Facade Cleaning /Deep Cleaning/Carpet Shampooing.

Trimming/De weeding/Clipping /Grass Mowing/Watering/Use of Manure, Pesticide & Insecticide/Provide Horticulture hand tools for maintenance/Provide experienced Gardeners/Provide Potted Plants/Flower arrangements/Bouquets for special occasions.

Vector control /Rodent Control/Termite Treatment.

Receptionist, Payroll Executive, Accountant/Assistant Accountant, Store Manager/ Store Keeper, Office Boy, Helpers.